A Novel Way to Cut Costs, Change Culture and Create Competitiveness

The Story. Executive jets, The Bridge Over the River Kwai, blocked toilets and a pen holder made from a bulls scrotum are just a few of the experiences awaiting business adviser Jon Walsh as he travels internationally helping an aerospace company take off towards higher performance.

His mission? - to improve profitability, at the same time as revitalising teamwork by tapping into people- and purchasing-power. Jon takes the company on two parallel journeys leading to the high-performance goal. One is the road map for achieving cost savings. The other is Route 42, the way to transform the world view about procurement and to release it from forever being frozen into the business landscape with its cost-saving image.

Based on real life, Route 42 is a business book written as a fast-paced novel. It is an appealing mix of practical business wisdom and impromptu comedy, aiming to engage busy readers with short attention spans whilst simultaneously rewarding those wishing to probe more deeply into the secrets of corporate vitality. This inspirational story will help senior executives and individual practitioners to achieve high performance through procurement transformation, catalysing changes in cross-company culture whilst saving money in the process.

The Book. This is a business book written as a fast-paced novel about procurement, the name given to all the things a company does when dealing with its supply markets. Smart companies say their business is about 'buying things, transforming them, and selling - and needing to excel at all of that to be successful.'

But this is not the norm, procurement generally being confined to a support role justifying its existence by making cost savings. Its real job is 'to manage a large part of our company which we do not own, cannot see, and which is staffed by people we don't employ.' If you're in business, public or private, then you are in procurement. It is not discretionary. The only question is 'are we doing it as effectively as possible?'

This book gives voice to procurement's key role in business, explaining how to create a cross-company commercially savvy process which makes both immediate and strategic impact and is as vital as in-house operations and sales. The great news is that people are empowered to realise their full potential in the process.

Here's what readers say about Route 42…

"I would suggest that you read it first as a novel and then re-visit it as a tome of wisdom.I was fortunate to work with professionals that lived these beliefs but when I joined a new business devoid of such wisdom I floundered. Route 42 was the saviour."

"Richard Russill, you never fail to have a good story to tell! I've heard a good quote recently that 'Culture is more important than strategy.' I'd say your book explains why I keep hearing this. Well done for writing a book that can be used in a business context but is also an entertaining novel"

"This is a very fine book and a fun read. No senior executive can ignore the key message in this example-rich reveal of improvement opportunities in business supply chains."

"A great read in both a business context and for pleasure."

"Anything with regards to procurement was never on my reading list, but to my surprise, I really enjoyed your book! You should write fiction!"

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